Service Models

Depending on the nature of the project, Amar Chemistry Pvt. Ltd. offers its clients the following contract options:

Weekly Fee: Client pays weekly fee for cost of labor plus cost of chemicals and materials.
Fixed Quote: Payment due on delivery only; labor and chemical costs included.

FTE (Full-time equivalent) Basis:
Client pays fixed monthly fee per chemist; general materials included; both short-term and long-term contracts possible.

Blended FTE Services India/USA:
This service model involves services conducted simultaneously in both India (at Amar Chemistry) and the USA (at NJ Bio) and offers our clients competitively priced, quality services. In a typical blended FTE arrangement, a small number (e.g., 1 – 3) of scientists in the USA works together with a larger number (5 – 10) scientists in India. For our clients, this arrangement will have the advantage of high productivity at very reasonable price without compromising the quality of the deliverables or the timeline of the project.

Milestone-based Service:
Client pays Amar Chemistry when certain milestones are achieved.