Opening of Laboratory Facility and Start of Operations

Amar Chemistry announces that the construction of its laboratory and office facility in Kanjurmarg West, Mumbai – 400079, India, is completed and that the facility will be fully operational beginning mid-September 2019. The facility consists of ~ 950 m2 (~ 10,000 sqf) of state-of-the-art laboratory space, which is equipped with the latest equipment and instrumentation for chemical synthesis and analysis. Operations will initially start with a team of fifteen experienced synthetic organic and process chemists. Amar Chemistry’s services will focus on applying the flow chemistry and high-pressure chemistry expertise available internally and at its affiliates NJ Bio and Amar Equipments to synthetic challenges in custom synthesis, medicinal chemistry, impurity synthesis, and small scale API synthesis that could otherwise not be easily or safely addressed.

Dr. Jain, founder of NJ Bio and co-founder of Amar Chemistry states: “I am excited to be part of Amar Chemistry whose mission is to bring the expertise and know-how accumulated internally and within its affiliate companies together for the benefit of our clients. In particular, I believe, that our blended FTE services model will be of great advantage to our clients and will ultimately lead to the continued growth and success of Amar Chemistry.”

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