Amar Chemistry’s facility is located in Kanjurmarg West, Mumbai – 400079, India, and consists of ~ 950 m2 (~ 10,000 sqf) of state-of-the art laboratory space. Amar Chemistry’s laboratories are centrally located with short travel times to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai (ca. 25 – 30 min.), and Mumbai Central railway station (ca. 35 – 40 min.).

The facility is brand-new and purposefully designed for R&D scale chemical synthesis and process development, in particular based on flow chemistry and high-pressure chemistry. The laboratory suites contain twelve 8-ft laboratory fume hoods and three walk-in fume hoods. A high-potent suite for work with cytotoxic compounds is soon to be established.

General floor plan

Conference room

Typical office space

Reception area