Flow & High-Pressure Equipment

In collaboration with Amar Equipments Pvt. Ltd., we can help you design and fabricate customized equipment for all your high – pressure and flow chemistry challenges, keeping safety as our highest priority. Examples of equipment designed at Amar Equipments include:

• Continuous flow microreactors
• Large-scale continuous flow reactors
• Photochemical flow reactors
• Solid flow reactors
• CSTR cascades
• High-pressure autoclaves
• Packed bed tubular reactors

We can help identify and integrate any necessary control systems to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your equipment. Not only can we help you integrate pumps, mass flow controllers, heating/cooling systems, pressure regulators and other accessories, but we can also design systems that are fully automated with data logging and monitoring equipment that help you track pressure, temperature, mass flow rates and other data in real time. All data can be easily exported in the form of graphs.