Amar Chemistry Pvt. Ltd is constantly expanding its team of dedicated and expert scientists and currently has the following job openings:

Amar Chemistry is a growing chemistry contract research organization located in Kanjurmarg West, Mumbai – 400079, India. We have established a state-of-the-art lab, which includes, among others, multiple mass spectrometers and a 300 MHz NMR. We are currently looking for several motivated synthetic chemists to join our talented team.

Current Job Openings

Designation: GM-Operations

Exp required: 12-15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, especially with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and/ or biotechnology

Qualification: Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry

CTC offered: Upto 50 lakhs p.a.



  1. Oversee end-to-end lab operations including scientists, purchasing, human resources, and finance.
  2. Utilize broad and innovative approaches to projects and exhibit collaboration with multiple functions, both internally and externally, for on-time and high-quality delivery of project goals.
  3. Function effectively as a Research Manager, Project Planner, Coordinator, Communicator, and Technical Expert.
  4. Effectively collate all work including technical plans/quotations, agreements, timelines, procurement and experimental reports.
  5. Provide technical advice to senior management on advances/developments within the scientific community.
  6. Align adequate resources with team leads to ensure timely completion and high-quality delivery.
  7. Clearly communicate Management Strategy to R&D Team and progress on the same, vice versa.
  8. Maintain the productivity of personnel in line with the business plan.
  9. Plan infrastructure and project requirements early on to maintain timelines for client projects.
  10. Conduct structured reviews of project team and take corrective measures to ensure delivery.

Business Development:

  1. Act as the main contact with external clients.
  2. Manage strategic relationships across a diverse group of internal and external resources including scientists, administration, clients, research institutes, and suppliers to facilitate smooth operations in R&D.
  3. Align deliverables of business and profitability growth to line up with business plan.
  4. Enable business funnel expansion through new clients and new projects from repeat clients.
  5. Interaction and negotiations with clients
  6. Keep track on the competitors and maintain critical knowledge about the developments happening in the organic synthetic chemistry, continuous or flow chemistry and green manufacturing space

Personnel Development:

  1. Develop and grow organically personnel within the organization and proactively engage in succession planning
  2. Manage organizational attrition (with special focus on Grooming and Retention of Talent Pool)

Compliance and Safety:

  1. Adhere to compliance requirements of the organization, the Team Member Handbook, training, and safety practices.
  2. Ensure labs and personnel are always maintaining chemical hygiene and safety by adequate training.
  3. Maintain business hygiene and be process-oriented.
  4. Keep teams up to date on training required including onboarding new employees.


  1. Deep knowledge of end-to-end state of art CRO lab operations.
  2. Strong synthetic organic chemistry is must requirement, flow/green chemistry, technical transfer and scale up skills in pharmaceutical/API and biotech research/industry and abreast of new advances.
  3. Ability to translate technical knowledge into tangible results for client projects.
  4. Strong business and financial acumen to align results to overall business strategy and company financial goals.
  5. The ability to develop a strategy from in-depth analysis.
  6. Proven success driving results and delivering return on investment to the company.
  7. Comprehensive functional skills and a result – driven approach.
  8. Strong Team Leadership Skills

Key Skills

Chemistry Lab Operations Skills, Pharma Lab operations skills, Business Development, Team Leadership

Desired Candidate Profile

Should have at least 12-15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, especially with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and or biotechnology APIs in areas of Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Process Engineering/Technical Transfer/Scale Up. The ability to lead team is necessary, should have led large teams in past. The candidate should be Mumbai-based & well versed in English and Hindi.


Designation: Principal Engineer

Exp required: 5-7 years in Pharma or Biotech industry

Qualification: Chemical Engineer with Ph.D. in Chemistry

CTC offered: Upto 25 lakhs p.a.


  1. Handle independent project responsibility, plan work for assigned projects and execute in a timely manner. Must have hands-on experience with next generation engineering in at least one of the areas, continuous/sustainable manufacturing, green and cascade catalysis, modular manufacturing or process intensification design concepts for pharma and biotech industry
  1. Must understand batch processes & provide solutions using different process intensification tools to convert to continuous manufacturing including reaction & downstream processing
  2. Have strong experience in development of R&D, pilot, and commercial scale flow chemistry processes in pharma and biotech industry
  3. Should have robust knowledge of flow chemistry reactor designs and applications and be able to select lab scale reactors, conduct proof of concept studies, process optimizations, and design pilot trials and recommend scale up equipment design
  4. Be able to liaise with chemical engineers and chemists to effectively solve low chemistry problems, synthesis challenges, and improve upon existing processes, and with purchasing to provide inputs to flow equipment purchase and work with equipment design team
  5. Be well-versed with DOE concepts and risk management principles, and have knowledge of MATLAB/ASPEN
  6. Should have a good understanding of organic reaction mechanisms to apply to ongoing projects and stay current with latest scientific literature in area of flow chemistry
  7. Be able to communicate effectively with clients through quote and timelines preparation, project updates and reports and present through webinars and external presentations and participate in domestic and international exhibitions and work collaboratively with affiliates
  8. Maintain performance management metrics for personnel
  9. Good technical knowledge about process design including material & energy balance calculations, reaction engineering, etc.
  10. Candidate should have basic knowledge about organic chemistry

Desired Candidate Profile

  1. Be a team player, individual contributor plus a mentor
  2. Have good collaborative skills
  3. Have a problem solving mindset and innovative approach to complex challenges
  4. Expected to follow core policies in Team Member Handbook & Chemical Hygiene Plan

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